What the fuck?

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I was browsing through the newspaper (online) this morning and I ran into this article :

'Nuon stelt bonus afhankelijk van aantal allochtonen'

Het Nederlandse energiebedrijf Nuon wil managers die niet voldoende allochtonen aannemen korten op hun bonus. In het uiterste geval kan dit een mindering van het jaarsalaris van 15 procent betekenen. Dat meldt de Nederlandse krant het Algemeen Dagblad. Voor zover bekend is Nuon het eerste Nederlandse bedrijf dat op dit gebied financi´┐Żle maatregelen dreigt te treffen.

Volgens het Project Kleurrijk Ondernemen moet in 2006 tien procent van de werknemers in Nederland allochtoon zijn. Bovendien moet ook acht procent van de managers afkomstig zijn van etnische minderheden. Op dit moment is zo'n vijf procent van de werknemers van het energiebedrijf allochtoon. Het Nederlandse ministerie van Sociale Zaken zegt enthousiast te zijn over het door Nuon gevoerde beleid.

I'm not about to translate the complete article, but here's a quick overview :

The dutch energy company Nuon wants to lower bonuses for managers that fail to hire enough people of ethnic minorities. Nuon is the first dutch company that threatens with financial implications.

I think most intelligent people can agree that discrimination is bad, and should not be tolerated, right? The above example is positive discrimination, but it remains discrimination nonetheless. If I am a good manager, I hire the staff that is able to do the job best. If that means they are all white, black, male, female, or asian... then so be it.

Come on! Get serious people : Do you really like to hire someone because they happen to fall into the correct ethnic group? I wouldn't want to be forced to do something like that, nor would I want to be hired by any company just because I fit in their "let's make this world a better place" plan of the month.

I was still thinking about what company to pick when looking for a new energy distributor, but I think I'll be removing one off the list of potential candidates now.

1 Comment

That's already happened here in the USA. It's law to have a certain percent of ethnic and gender minorities on your staff if you have over a certain number of people that work for you. I agree with you though, because I'd want to hire people that are right for the job, not just hispanic or black.

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