What happened?!

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Yesterday / Last night

As you'll probably noticed, www.friedkitten.com disappeared of the face of this earth for a few hours (more like 9 hours and 15 minutes to be precise). Was I kidnapped? Held for a 5 billion dollar ransom? Taken advantage of by a group of sexy uniformed ladies with strong legs?

No. This is what happened (apart from the fact that I was over at Joco's place enjoying their company) :

Building Evacuation - Wednesday, May 28, 2003

At 10:20 am this morning, we had a component failure in the UPS at our Site B co-location facility in Parsippany, NJ. We had no warning of this failure, and we are currently investigating the cause. This failure triggered the fire alarms and the fire suppression system, and caused the UPS unit to drop all power to Site B. In addition, because this failure caused the fire alarms to be set off, the entire building had to be evacuated while the fire department investigated. NAC personnel worked with the fire department to ensure the building environment was safe to re-enter.

Some of the core switching equipment in Parsippany was affected by this UPS failure and power outage and had to be moved to a backup power system. At approximately 12:00pm the fire department allowed all personnel to re-enter the building.

The power failure did not affect any customers located at our Newark, NJ site or any services in any other states.

We are currently assessing any on-going issues, but most services have been restored. We will post an additional update as more information becomes available.

While the above statement from the datacenter where FK is operating from states that most services had been restored after a few hours, we were off the air (or out of the waves or whatever) for at least 9 hours. During this agonizing time I was kept up to date as much as possible by the company that does the webhosting, even though they also suffered major problems (they lost accessibility to all of their servers too, including billing server, and the much appreciated forums.)

Was that first 5 minute disruption of service earlier during the day a warning? It might have been, who knows? Since I couldn't do anything about the situation anyway I went to bed.

This morning

Microsoft suddenly suffered from a burst of creative patching and bugfixing it seems. No less as 4 security bulletins and patches were released overnight. And... believe it or not, it seems they've also come up with a patch for the bugs in the Q811493 patch. Who knows... maybe this time they got it right.

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Ahh, I know about this. See my hosting company has all their other servers there, except the one I'm on. They made a point of keeping ours somewhere different because it's the first server they had so has their oldest customers, and it also has their domain on it. So this way they have less chance of losing their homepage and support forum. So I was feeling very smug for a while yesterday :D Of course I've just had my own downtime a few days ago but that's just cos my account didn't get moved when they changed servers, and it was fixed within minutes of me realising.

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