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Wow! In the midst of all spam for online viagra, adding inches to my penis or tips on how to 'do' the hottest babes and the complete barnyard stock, I finally got the W32/Palyh-A virus.

Is that a noteworthy fact? Yes it is, as the rest of the world has been suffering from it for almost 24 to 36 hours while I didn't receive it at all. It seems the infection has now spread enough to finally reach me. Oh, what would I have to do without that nice [email protected]? I would have been lost without those important files!

Friends, family, readers, people and assorted dumbasses : the MS support division does NOT send out mails with attachments. They do NOT send you viruses (they created Windows though, so they're evil enough to do it). You do NOT have to accept them. You do NOT have to open the files attached. You do HAVE to know better than that. You DO have to DELETE those messages without ever looking at them again.

It's a virus, and the info can be read at the Sophos support page. If you'd like to have an extra filter before messages/viruses like this one enter your mailbox - and in the mean time get rid of all the spam - I suggest you install MailWasher Pro 30 day trial, or get the full install right away. Believe me, it'll save you a lot of problems.

Note : MailWasher Pro is only an extra line of defense, not a replacement for your personal firewall and virusscanner!

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