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People... I've got a problem. I bet some of you noticed the shop on the left side of the screen, or maybe you didn't?

Yes, it's there, right under that big heading stating FK SHOP. Look again. See, I was correct after all. Phew, that was hard, wasn't it? Now don't start smiling and hitting yourself on the chest just yet... we're only halfway!

You're about to order something from that excellent FK shop. Yes you are, and you know it. You don't know it? I know it, and I'm telling you, so now you know it too. You are about to order some very nice FK merchandise from that shop. The dollar is low (if you're in Europe that is) so this is the time to do it! Cheap merchandising, cheap shipping, excellent quality... what more do you want?

Why am I telling you all this? Because, my dear friends, readers, merchandise buyers, I received a mail today. Yes, a mail. I do receive tons of mails every day but this one was special. It basically said that unless sales in that shop are picking up, I'll be owing "them" money on July 1st 2003. And that... was not the idea, was it?

I would like to thank that one person though, that bought a fabulous baseball jersey back in 2002... YOU ROCK! If I were able to see your shipping details, I'd send you some FK stickers right away... for free! So, if you're reading this, send me a mail. I'll need your first and last name though, to verify that no one is trying to scam me :)

So now you know it people... either you all shop till you drop during these few last days of May and the short month of June (only 30 days, yikes)... or the shop will close down and disappear. In that case, that one buyer will have exclusive merchandise!

Note : Oh, you didn't think that pitiful post above was for real? It unfortunately is. Oh, you think it wasn't funny? You could be right, I admit that much. But none of those reasons are good enough to prevent yourself from grabbing that credit card - you gotta use it for something, don't you - and shop till you drop. Oh... and all buyers that mail me, will get free stickers!


Hey, but I'm broke now!

I'm afraid I just ran my credit card over the limit buying a cheap webcam. So you'll just have to make do with this:

Heather : I know... I loved the Florida pictures you posted.

Shelley : Woot! You dared bringing a cat near a sticker ;)

Whahahaa! You two are the best readers ever though!

Lol, I didn't even think about what it said. We used to have a flatmate who was always talking about eating them so I guess she's used to it now. Rastus is actually supposed to be holding up the sticker but she kept wriggling. She just wanted to be patted :-D

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