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as Kenny calls it. Just received a registered letter from the curator explaining they'll fight my claim to 7 months of severance pay. Legally I'm entiteld to 6 months, but by using formula Claeys, I get 7 months. While using that formula is quite common, it can be overruled by the courts if fought. However, usually they have no problems with it and approve the claim.

June 26, at 10h00 I need to be (or be represented by a lawyer) in the "Tweede Kamer van de Rechtbank van Koophandel" (Second Chamber of the Court of Commerce?) in Hasselt. I have already contacted BBTK to see what their view on it is, and I'm gonna make them send a lawyer too. First they charge me € 180 to make sure I can get legal representation, so they better show up as well.

I'm curious as to what is gonna be brought by the mailman tomorrow. Every day, a new day, and more suprising news knocking at your door.

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