I'm a softy and I know it.

I just got back from the vet, and as I suspected, nothing really strange has shown up. We did another bloog sugar test, and it ended up being 79 - quite low for a healthy ferret, especially if he has eaten well, but it was not suprising. Therefore he's back on a shot of diazoxide twice a day to control his insulin production, and I might have to get him other food.

While I was there I also asked the vet to give him his yearly shots and something to get rid of earmites. Since I've got 5 fuzzies, I got 5 doses of stronghold to treat all of them at once. Total bill this time : € 65.

Luckily I know that having animals and taking care of them can have an important financial aspect as well. But the love you get from them cannot be measured in cash, and that's exactly why I love my kids so much : they sometimes are an annoying fighting brad pack, but seconds later they walk over to you and give you kisses. My heart always melts.

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