Happy, more problems?

As I took Happy out of his cage tonight, he still was in a deep sleep. This is not uncommon for ferrets, but the first time you pick up an animal that feels like a very elastic relaxed rubber ball it scares the hell out of you.
Since I already knew that he was just asleep there was no problem and while the other fuzzies were jumping around and playing, I laid myself down on the couch, with Happy on my chest.

He remained asleep for at least another 5 minutes, not moving a single paw and totally relaxed. After some cuddling he woke up and started giving me kisses. I put him down and he went to walk around with the others. While I was cruising through the livingroom I suddenly spotted him in the corner, paws widely spread, drool dripping out of his mouth and tail looking like a duster. I immediately picked him up to calm him down and check out what the problem was. Well, I already have a good idea of what the problem is : once more a too low blood sugar level - all the symptoms were there.

I offered him some ferretone to relax him while preparing some medication that I still had. When I grabbed some ferret candy and held it to his mouth, he attacked as if he hadn't eaten in 3 days, while I know for certain he had access to food all the time. I let him eat all he wanted and after I put him back in his cage with a new bowl of food - he continued eating - I also crushed some brewers yeast to put on top of his food. It might help get sugar levels back up without triggering an insuline production attack.

So, what has happened? I suppose he fell asleep and due to the dropping sugar levels slept much longer as usual. When ferrets are asleep, they don't eat - this isn't rocketscience - and that causes those levels to drop even more. Ferrets eat about every 2 hours, so I think that was the problem. I've already called Hilda and she agreed to drive Happy and me to the vet tomorrow afternoon (thanks Hilda!) and in the mean time I'll try to wake him up every now and then to give him the chance to eat properly.

I'm pretty convinced that when he's checked tomorrow, nothing will be found and all blood results will show up normal. Of course, since he has been awake and ate.

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