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I'd like to comment right as the songs go by, but unfortunately I don't have a TV in my computer room, nor a laptop that I can bring to the TV. Damn. Stay tuned for my "no one spared" comments though. They'll be posted as soon as I can without missing too much.

01. Iceland : Wow... hot chick on stage! If all Icelandic women looks like that, I'm off to Iceland for a vacation... (Predict : OK'ish) - (Final Result : 9)

02. Austria : Looks like he's got something stuck up his ass, and definitely at least one screw loose in his head. Eyes like he's on dope. Experimental and kind of funny though. (Predict : could do well) - (Final Result : 6)

03. Ireland : Reminds me of The Lion King. Nice background choir though. (Predict : somewhere in the middle) - (Final Result : 11)

04. Turkey : Very good and visual. Reminds me of ballet with a good mix of old culture and modern influences. (Predict : Top 5) - (Final Result : 1)

05. Malta : Bad poppy song, pretty weak. Looks like Barbara Streisand, and that's not a good thing. (Predict : bottom 5) - (Final Result : 25)

06. Bosnia & Herzegovina : How do you spell ugly? Bosn... Tries to do a hard/soft mix like Austria did, but fails miserably (Predict : Last?) - (Final Result : 16)

07. Portgual : Has the looks of Shakira, but very static perfomance. (Predict : lower middle) - (Final Result : 22)

08. Croatia : Can anyone say Yellow Polka Dot Bikini? Pink pants... oh my! Bad teen pop band. (Predict : baddddd) - (Final Result : 15)

09. Cyprus : Tom Cruise meets Robbie Williams. Ouch. (Predict : ...) - (Final Result : 20)

10. Germany : I think she's the female Mick Jagger. Have you seen that mouth? Whoa! They dive right into the song, which is good, but the text is just a bit too happy. Would be better if less happy happy joy joy. (Predict : Top 10) - (Final Result : 12)

11. Russia : Tatu/Taty. Good, but it seems like they were holding back. Like them more in a more "rocky" song. No kissing? They should have done it. Great graphic effects on the floor. (Predict : Top 10) - (Final Result : 3)

12. Spain : Hot pierced (labret) chicka and vibrant show. (Predict : Top 5) - (Final Result : 8)

13. Israel : 50's musical? Only missing tapdancing. (Predict : bottom 10) - (Final Result : 19)

14. The Netherlands : Pretty good. If someone cuts those laces though, boobs go flying all over the place ;) (Predict : Rather High) - (Final Result : 13)

(I switched to the webbroadcast now. Easier to view and update the blog at the same time.)

15. United Kingdom : That red shirt couldn't get any shorter, or she'd be getting the lead in Basic Instinct II. Nice song and visuals though. (Predict : Upper middle) - (Final Result : 26)

16. Ukraine : Keep the blue dancer, shoot the singer in the white suit. Hasta La Vista maybe, but you're no Arnie. (Predict : OK'ish) - (Final Result : 14)

17. Greece : I can believe she'll never let you go... she's a Goth vampire :) Carries extra airbags in those fake boobs. (Predict : 7) - (Final Result : 17)

18. Norway : Looks like Oasis, acts/sits like Elton John. Good combo? I doubt it. Please move on! (Predict : Lower half) - (Final Result : 4)

19. France : Forgot her text in the beginning... Lalalala... In such a dress I wouldn't even dare walk around if I got paid for it. (Predict : Disqualify, please) - (Final Result : 18)

20. Poland : Bowie meets Pink, Meafloaf and Cruella of 101 Dalmatians. While she sings he touches her boobs, I wonder why? That's of course always the question with songs like Zadnych granic. What the fuck are they singing about? (Predict : ???) - (Final Result : 7)

21. Latvia : "I'm not that kind of girls that only dreams of other girls?" Is that what she sang at the beginning? Poor judgement. If it is true (I could have gotten it wrong though) Tatu/Russia should end higher than these suckers. Just because. Backstreet boys returned and teamed up with some chick. (Predict : say hello, now fuck off) - (Final Result : 24)

22. Belgium : Excellent plan. Send in a group that sings in an unexistent language. No one can blame you if you forget your lines ;) We're good. La�s would have been good as well. Reminds me of Lord of the Rings. (Predict : come one... we're Belgium, where do you expect us to end?) - (Final Result : 2)

23. Estonia : Good pop song, but no eurovision material I fear. Would not do bad in regular popscene. (Predict : middle class) - (Final Result : 21)

24. Romania : Good upbeat song. Probably won't win, but I like this song best. (Predict : Top 5 I hope) - (Final Result : 10)

25. Sweden : Swedish girls are blondes. Very "eurovision" song but I don't think it'll score high. Too much different styles this year. (Predict : the hot blonde in my bed, the guy out on the street? Upper half) - (Final Result : 5)

26. Slovenia : Good background beat, but the song really doesn't fit in. And more pink pants! What's up with that? Somehow reminds me of Abba. Although Abba is *much* better. (Predict : Upper half) - (Final Result : 23)

My top 5 :

1. Turkey
2. Romania
3. The Netherlands
4. United Kingdom
5. Spain

There you all go. It's out of my hands now... start commenting!!!

Oh my god... Belgium is actually in the lead every now and then. Have people gone totally bonkers? Damn... this is actually getting pretty exciting! Turkey, Russia and Belgium keep on hopping over eachother. The only downside is that Both Russia and Turkey already voted, and Belgium has not.


we should have won. at least it would have made the evening vaguely bearable. still, the voting did go mad, didn't it ?

Second? wow, that's better than I expected, although I didn't really think Turkey was all that good. The choreography was nice but sometimes it sounded like she was straining her voice. I laughed my ass off at Austria, I hope they got some consolidation points just for cheering the place up lol

What an exciting evening! Who would ever expect that a Belgian non-existing language would be so much apreciated in other European countries? BTW ServeMe, did you fall asleep during the UK-act??? That girl was singing false from the beginning till the end!! I must say I would think some countries would give some points for the extraordinary dress! But Europe voted otherwise: not for the boobs, not for the exotic (erotic?) dresses but for music?? Must say Turkey was not my first choice either, had hoped for more succes for the dutch girl. The Turkish Madonna made it, although I don't see at all why they call her like that?? Show was nice, but she should have sang in Turkish.

Zed : mad? They totally lost it!

Nadia : Austria really was the weirdest one of all.

Marianne : I certainly didn't think Belgium would do that good, hence my predictions. I didn't fall asleep during the UK act, but hey... I know nothing about singing, so I look at the parts I know something about ;) The Netherlands was actually pretty good, but it was not really reflechted in the final score. Too bad.

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