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Getting that computer running again sounded so simple, yet it seems not to be that easy. I've uninstalled quite some stuff and it keeps on crashing right after it launches windows ME. After fighting with it for over 3 hours I've reverted to resizing the one partition it had (40 gig) into 1 time 20GB (which contains the crashing windows ME), 1 time 15GB that they can use for data, and a 5GB partition where I just finished installing Windows 2000 to.

That way I can keep the small windows 2000 partition in NTFS - making it less easy to access from windows ME - and run whatever tools I need on the windows ME FAT32 partitions as I see fit. Yes, that includes making a backup of the current data to a CD, so I can format the complete windows partition and reinstall it. It will certainly fuck up my windows 2000 bootloader, but I'll make rescue disks first so I can easily repear it.

Note : I've come to an agreement with a new registrar, and will be transferring the first 6 domain names to them mid-june.


Buddy, another tip. You may try Partition Magic which easely manages you partitions, resizing and stuff. It also contains a convenient boot loader.

If you need the soft, you know where to find me.

Kind regards,


Lol... Dimi, how do you think I resized the partition? ;)

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