Crappy Day

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Yes indeed. I just received quite a hefty bill - € 576,47, what equals USD 675 - because the government likes to tax people that own their place instead of rent it.

Yes, investing in the future is something that seems to be unwanted in Belgium. What does this mean? I pay my mortgage to the bank every month, and then government taxes me for an extra month, to make sure buying your own place gets really hard to accomplish or sustain.

Apart from that, 6 bills from Planet Internet arrived, and now it turns out that renewal for the domains is not due end of June, but at the end of this month! I immediately contacted my new registrar and asked them to start the transfer procedures today. I could also get a prepay package to lower the cost of registration, but that would set me back over € 400 right away, and while it would be better in the long run, it's not an option today.

What else is new? The posters I got from e-bay still have not arrived, although I guess they should have. I'll have to contact the seller next week if they don't show up. No snail mail from Ecopower either, also something that I've been expecting for a few days now.

Yesterday I got a confirmation that I successfully cancelled my subscription to the CDVD entertainment club, but it won't be cancelled till december 2003 instead of september like I asked. Has got something to do with automatic renewal for a year, blah blah blah.

There is still no official word about the new tariffs for electricity and the situation remains very vague. I've done some calculations this week and based on the data I had, there is a clear winner. I'm not going to change before I've got access to official figures and rates though. I don't need more suprises right now.

Excuse me, now I'm gonna puke because of so much crap happening all at once.

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ewwww ... i haven't received my thingy cadastrale for the past 3 years. i'm hoping that they think i'm dead, as it's pretty expensive in these parts. and owning a 4-bedroom house doesn't help - i used to pay about �1.000- a year. not pretty.

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