Can it be true?!


We're still in the lead, with 2 countries left to vote.

Update : can we please kick all Slovenian people out of our country and freeze all humanitarian aid for that retarded country?

Oh well... at least my winning prediction was correct :) Congratulations Turkey!

I loved the webcast produced by the Latvian Television, good fast streaming, no bumps along the ride. The streams from inside the control rooms were fabulous too. Congratulations Latvia!

Update : Seems like the latvian broadcasting control room has just cut all live streams. Too bad, I'd love to keep on watching how they wrap up the show. Wait... the extra program and Skonto TV Live 2 is still up.


belgium 2nd
you were right

I've got a good sense for picking winners. The only thing I can't pick up are cute girls :)

Pshaw. Can't pick up cute girls? I know some relatively cute ones you could have picked up!

Where Where?! ;)


don't even bother starting that kinda discussion ;)

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