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According to an article posted in The Register today, Google wants to fix blog noise problem. The problem seems to be that blogs overpower more legit and authoritive sources, thus create noise, and lower the relevant search results google has been offering all these years.

Google might very well be moving all blog related hits to their own tab, and out of the way of the mainstream publications and authorotive sources. Suddenly we [blogs] are less of a valuable source of information? Anything important happens in this world, and you can be certain there is a blogger closeby, often with more details and better reporting as any commercial or respected station or newspaper can bring in such a short time. Bloggers are not always that precise or objective, but we are fast and beat traditional media.

If Google thinks we deserve to be indexed less often, or influence the ranking too much, then they should do something about it. But they'll have to be rather careful and communicate well about the changes being made,since Google is - in my opinion - a search engine that is liked and preferred by a majority of bloggers. Especially because it indexes blogs fast and delivers great search results. And when I'm looking for information about something, I don't care if it's presented by a large corporation or by a (simple) blog-enthousiast, as long as it tells me what I need.

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*shrug* Google has already been downplaying blogs in their algo anyways (I've certainly noticed it). And there has been talk of seperating out blogs for ages. I'd be interested to see how they decide what is a blog and what isn't. The only other difference I can see them making is the freshbot coming less often (right now I get hit about every three days so I'm rarely out of the freshlistings) but at the same time they are moving more towards relying on fresh to keep it up to date rather than the monthly deep crawl, so who knows.

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