What will be next?

This article appeared in Gazet Van Antwerpen today. I'll provide a basic english translation below.

08/04 Rechter erkent lesbische mama niet als ouder

"K.V., een vrouw uit Beveren, heeft jarenlang een juridische gevecht geleverd voor het co-ouderschap van haar dochterje, nu 6 jaar. Sammie werd geboren via in-vitrofertilisatie, in een lesbische relatie. Nadat de relatie op de klippen liep, trouwde de ex-partner van K. met een man. "Die man hoefde Sammie alleen maar te 'erkennen' om uitgeroepen te worden tot haar juridische vader", zucht K. "Ik mocht mijn kind maar ��n keer per maand zien. Volgens de rechter ben ik, die haar mee opgevoed heeft, een vreemde voor Sammie."

April 8th : Judge does not accept lesbian mother as parent

K.V., a woman living in Beveren, has been in a legal fight for years to get a co-parenting deal for her daughter, now aged 6. Sammie was born with IVF, during a lesbian relationship. After the relationship ended, the ex-partner of K.V. married a man. This man only needed to accept Sammie as his own daughter to become her legal father, K.V. states. "I was only allowed to see my daughter once a month. According to the judge, I - being one who raised her - am a stranger to Sammie."

I think things like these do fit in with some IVF cases where sperm donors are considered fathers, usually years after they have given others a chance to have a kid. It is totally wrong! I can see how the ex-partner of K.V. wants her new found love (a man in this case) to accept Sammie as if it were his own kid, but that doesn't mean K.V. is suddenly not a parent anymore, is it?

Rulings like this are only possible if courts keep on falling back on rulings and writings that are decades old, and certainly not up-to-date with how things are looked at in this day and age.

What do rulings like this mean? Hey, you're a gay couple, or a lesbian couple, and you can get legally married now (only pretty recent change too), but if you have kids, we can make someone else the father if we feel like it. Isn't that good news?

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