What to vote on May 18th?

Either the election tests that are popping up all over the web in Belgium are a bunch of crap, or they favor some parties. I've done about 4 different ones now, and I've had very strange results. The political party mentioned first would be most appropriate one for me, according to the tests.

Test 1 : Vivant - N-VA - Spirit - VLD - CD&V - SP.A - Vlaams Blok - Agalev
Test 2 : Vivant - CD&V - Liberaal Appel - Spirit
Test 3 : VLD - CD&V - N-VA - Vlaams Blok - SP.A - Agalev
Test 4 : CD&V - SP.A - Spirit - VLD - Agalev - Vlaams Blok - N-VA

Maybe it's because of how (the specific wording) the questions are asked that there is so much difference in the results. Although I must say that the results of the top 3 I get, are usually pretty much tied - the difference is only 1 or 2%.

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