Wanted : recipe for pigeonsoup

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So, this must be what one gets for doing good. Oh, wait. You probably have no clue what I'm talking about? Let's start from the beginning.

A few days ago, a pigeon crashlanded on my balcony, looking all tired and lost. It was ringed so I figured it was looking for a place to rest before continuing it's (long) flight home. I still had some pigeon food left in the garage from my last dealing with pigeons, so I went to get the box and I put some on a plate on the balcony.

Seems the pigeon was rather hungry as within seconds it was feeding itself. It went to sleep later on and on saturday it was gone. Another good deed done I figured.

On sunday noise woke me up. The pigeon was back, eating the rest of the food, and it walked into my glass door a few times! Dumb animal, my apartment ain't your place of residence, is it? Anyway, fastforward to monday morning : the pigeon is still there (or back?) and has thanked me profoundly by shitting all over my balcony. This is the last time I ever think of helping out a pigeon that lands on my private airport!

Note : I know myself too well. Next time an animal in distress needs help, I'll help it and deal with any unfortunate side effects later on. I have however had it with pigeons!

Enhancement : While I was blogging anyway, I finally added the comments to the archive sections as well. Which means one can actually go back in time now and read what people commented on the posts.

1 Comment

Almost the same thing happened to my ma this year. I think she found someone on the net who knew how to find the owners from the numbers on the ring and they came and collected it.

They do poop, but they're quite cute :)

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