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Last week I got an invitation to have a talk with one of the VDAB counselors about a job offer they had for me. I've been listed as unemployed for less than 14 days, and they already invite me... cool, not?

However, I don't get it. Some people have been getting unemployment benefits for over 5 years and have never been invited, so I wonder what's up with that. Is my profile in high demand?

So, this morning I wake up early, have a shower - aaahhh.. hot water! Soooo good when you wake up and feel as if a truck has run over you. Several times - and jump on my bike. Damn! It's friggin' cold outside! Where are my gloves? Anyway, I was expected to come in between 09h00 and 09h00, and arriving at 09h05 I think that would get me good points when talking to this Rafaella who invited me.

I walk in after putting the helmet and gloves in my backpack, and there's already two people in line. While I'm waiting at least 5 more come in, and then the receptionist asks who's got an appointement. It turns out Rafaella has not yet shown up, so the receptionist has to deal with the appointements. Pretty weird I figure, as I'm there to talk to someone about a job offer, right?

Wrong! Oh so wrong. This is what happens :

Me : Hi, I'm here because I have an appointement with Rafaella about a job offer
Receptionist : Hi, do you have any papers with you?
Me : Sure! Open backpack, get invitation, hand it over
Her : If my computer is fast this shouldn't take too long. 30 seconds later I'm handed a printout.
Me : (looking suprised)
Her : You have to apply in writing to person blah blah at address blah blah.
Me : (while browsing the printout) Erm... it says they are looking for a part-time insurance employee? I've graduated in insurances 6 years ago, but have never worked in it since the start. I've been an IT person since the day I got out of school.
Her : Oh? Erm, wait. Then call them at this number first, and check if you need to apply. NEXT!

So, that's it? That's what they call "an invitation to talk about a job offer"? Great! I must admit their website rocks and allows you to do all kinds of things, but having people ride their bike and freeze their ass off in the morning, to be handed a print-out for a job profile that doesn't even apply to them, that's just plain crazy.

For the record : I'm looking for fulltime employment, IT related, preferable in a team, or where teamwork is required. I do have hands-on experience and don't want to do helpdesking since that's too strict and procedure driven.

Now that I'm back home, I'm off to find out why VDAB seems to think it's still April Fools Day!

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At least you didn't ride your freezing arse across the city this morning to tell a case worker that yes, you are looking for a job, you know what you're qualified for, you've been contacting people already, and no, there is nothing the case worker can do to help. Then ride home again.

I did :-P

Oh, except I actually had a 70 minute walk home because my bike had a flat tyre. I forgot that bit for a minute. Just like I forgot my gloves, scarf and warm jacket this morning *wrinkles nose*.

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