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I'm definitely looking into changing friedkitten.com to an addon domain instead of a framed redirection. What does this mean for you - avid readers - is the following : maybe a few moments of downtime, some things that stop working for a while but nothing serious. I'll be around, informing you of all the things you didn't wanna know in the first place.

However, those that have linked to me, should be aware that the only valid URL for this blog is www.friedkitten.com, whereas links that currently point to http://friedkitten.neversilent.org/blog/ might - and eventually will - stop working.

I therefore urge everyone to check their links and change it to www.friedkitten.com if needed.

Why? Oh why do you do such technical things? Good question, and there are actually some good answers for it. First of all, the links that people use have been wrong in the past. Moving it to one and only one domain without redirects will settle that matter for once and for all. Secondly, searchengines don't like framed redirects, and it does lower your ranking. I'm much less of a searchengine addict as I used to be a few years ago, but I still value the ability for people to find information.

So, in short, if I decide to go through with all of this, it will be for the best of this blog - and therefore for myself. It'll allow me to change some things around, and look to the future with a technically open mind.

Update : While I was looking at some stats I noticed some interesting things. Off all the traffic that comes from search engines, 61.1 percent came from Google. Yahoo (16.1%) and MSN (8.8%) came in second and third.

When looking at search terms, on top of the list is "Rikku naked" (I don't blame anyone for searching for that!), followed by people who want to have "blowjob instructions" (uh?) or want look for "cactus data shield crack" (no suprise).

The strangest referral (external link) I found must be one from www.iaea.org as that is the International Atomic Energy Agency. I wonder if they consider my rants and writings nuclear?


I knew there was a reason for my feeling! When I filled in your questionnaire, I thought the thought about you 'buying a new domain' and a bell rang in my head. I've learned to listen to those bells now. OK, so it's not a new domain... but you are changing the url you use for Fried Kitten. I can chalk that premonition into the 'came true' pile. ;)

Now if only I could hear bells when picking lottery numbers! :)

If only you changed the URL you use on your page :)

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