Turning healthy?

I'm back, from outer space... lalalalalalaaaaaa. Yes, I'm home again after taking the bike for a somewhat longer spin. First stop was the self carwash, because I thought it would be a good idea to get all the dirt of the bike before I applied grease again, but there was a line of cars in front of me, so I decided to come back home.

Did some weightlifting, and then set off to Rivierenhof, a park about 3 km's from where I live. It was just great in the park... not too many people walking all over the (dirt)roads so I could go fairly fast without risking to crash into someone. Had to do some navigation though since people don't tend to walk in a straight line.

Well, no accidents and I really enjoyed my workout. When heading back home, there was a rather strong breeze - wind has definitely gotten stronger today - so I had to fight it to get back. I've been gone for approximately an hour, and I've just had some water to replace the lost fluids. Off to the shower in a second, anyone wanna join? ;)

I think I'll make myself a good vegetarian dish tonight. Only had a chocolate soy pudding till now, so it better be a large dish :)

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