Trigger Happy

I'm locutus of borg, and I'm getting bloody trigger happy! I've been busy installing a plugin of winamp to update the blog while playing tunes, and I needed to reset my FTP password to something else. Why? Because I forgot the bloody password.

So, I log in to the control panel, change the password and voila... changed. Except for that Syntax Mismatch errror that suddenly turns up. Well, not problem, let's try anyway. 530 login incorrect. Oh, let's just open a ticket at the webhost and let them take a look at it. Send in ticket, has all information required. Answer within 5 minutes... yes, I've got a wonderful webhost indeed.

Change the hostname in your FTP program from xxx to yyy. You cannot login to xxx directly as it's a subdomain of zzz and therefore you should use yyy. No problem, although I've been logging into xxx for the past year without ANY problem. The problem started when I tried changing the password through the control panel. I change the hostname and try to log in : 530 - login incorrect.

Of course you moron! I knew it wasn't gonna work. Why the hell did I get the one person that does crappy support? Anyway, after my friendly but dedicated reply that I tried his suggestion, but that it didn't correct the problem, it's gone quiet. Very quiet. Just got a reply... he thinks it's "odd". Off to do some more mailing :)

Update : The problem is solved. Apparently some of the control panel skins have scripting errors in them, and that can lead to things like this.

I still don't have the blogamp plugin working though. According to the logfile the webconnection works fine now, but

OK... of course it won't output anything if I forget to turn on the plugin again! I just need to findtune the output a bit now, as it shows *way* too much info. I'll be wasting my time on that for the next few minutes.

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