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I dropped off Happy at the vet this evening so that she can do surgery on him tomorrow. It was only possible thanks to my sis who gave me a lift there and back. Thanks sis!

I decided to take some photographs of the ferrets today, and as you might notice, Happy is not in any of them... unfortunately. He decided not to cooperate at all, and instead fight with the others. Reason enough to believe I've made the correct descision by opting for surgery to find out what is wrong with him. It's not (yet?) a type of surgery to correct problems, but rather to identify what the problem is. A cut 'n look inside type of surgery.

I expect to get a call tomorrow to find out what the surgery revealed.

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Right now my back hurts like hell, and I don't know why. I've not made a wrong move of any kind, but the pain is just there. Since I've got a headache too, I guess I'll be off to bed early and hopefully be able to sleep it all off. If I don't think about Happy too much that is. I just love my boys and girls!


Free back massages anyone? Anyone?

I hope they find out what's wrong in there and fix him up good as new. I've just been having first hand experience with what it's like to have one missing. No matter how many pets you have there's always a big hole whe one is gone.

But my kitty is coming home today :-D Has to go back again soon and get his tail cut off though.

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