Test results... good & bad

I've just gotten back from the testing session and well... it was a breeze - partially. Of course, with all the luck I've got, it was raining when I was cycling over there, but since I was there well in advance, my pants were kinda dry by the time the actual testing begun.

First test : Basic and general IT terms. Shouldn't be a problem for me, but I should have asked for an english test instead of a crappy dutch one. Besides, some of the questions were really vague.

Example : what does the www (world wide web) consist of mostly? Possible answers : cables, modems, websites, internetservers. Right... you tell me? I don't even recall what I answered but I think I've gone for the dumbass answer "websites". Anyway, I scored a very nice 96% overall on that test. Must mean I know something about it.

Test number 2 : Windows 2000 files & folders. It's been a while since I worked with windows 2000, but hey... I should do OK. Biggest caveat in this test : you can only click things without for instance specifying left of right mouse button. And for a lot of commands I use the shortcuts and not the menu... something that will become a serious issue in the other tests. Scored a nice 95% overall.

Test number 3 : Word 2000. I hardly ever use Word, and when I do, I type plaintext letters, without all the fancy clipart and stuff like that. Failed miserably at this test too. Only 64% overall. Reason : I wouldn't know. Maybe because I never use it? Or because I wouldn't know what the hell a "koptekst" is when the show me one. Talk about a bloody header and footer and I'll know what you mean. An english test would have possibly saved my ass here.

Final test : Excel 2000. Also a program that I don't use that often, but I got through it with an overall score of 82%, where a minimum to pass is 80%. Not much of a margin, but I passed. I've got a new session planned for May 14th, where I will hopefully pass the Word 2000 test.

I'm not bitter about not passing the first session, but I do realize that these tests are not made for IT minded people. They are developed for people that know/knew nothing at all about IT, and followed some crashcourse to know how to kickstart a PC. If you learn the Office suite from a Office for Dummies book, you will pass without any problem.

If you are used to supporting 50 employees, laptops with various OS's, languages and software, LAN, Internet and servers you may not. I suppose everything is relative in this world.

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