Setup Finalised

Yay! I just - well about half an hour ago - got back from my sisters' plavce where I installed the PC and did a zillion of "after-full-install" tasks. It immediately had LAN access and the soundblaster drivers that I thought would be correct did the job.

Downloaded and installed a bunch of servicepacks, hotfixes and patches, too many reboots and voila... it's up and running. The only thing (still) failing is the philips CDD3610 cd-rewriter, but I've had one myself many moons ago, and it was crap to begin with. Constant calibration errors and a new firmware couldn't fix it. I guess they'll have to invest in a cheapo new model.

The only thing left for her to do now is to configure her mailclient, connect the firebox and configure it as well, and that's it.

And the best part (for me that is)? I threw away a lot of old CD's, papers and stuff that I didn't need anymore.

My desk even looks clean. Well... I mean you can actually see the wood it's made of now - in some parts.

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