Saturday Night Fever

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I just started working on my sisters machine, as it is in dire need of a complete reinstall. It's a P2-350, 128MB Ram but it still runs pretty well, although windows has become rather unstable and often has quirks.

I've already formatted, merged and reformatted 2 of the current 4 partitions in order to have only 2 left in the end. I'm also gonna pop in an extra CD-rom reader (24 speed) and see if I can get the current CD-writer to behave properly. I'm under the impression the writer itself is still OK, but she told me she was unable to write a proper CD. In this case, it would be handy though, as there's about 1.2GB of data that needs to be saved. The computer is copying that right now - for the past 15 minutes - to the new partition, so that shouldn't be any problem, yet I'd love to have it on CD as well. Yust in case, you know.

As soon as the thing is done I'll install the extra CD-reader, then see if the current OS detects it and can read from it. If that turns out OK, I'm going to clean-install something more stable on it (still windows based though) and see where that gets me. Then I should check out the ISA soundcard, and possibly replace it with one I still got (I got both a PCI and ISA version laying around) and reinstall the modem as well.

Then test the thing and all of that will (or should) be done by tomorrow evening. I haven't got a clue if something interesting is on the telly tonight, so I might skip a part of that to-do list to tomorrow.

Well, that's my evening and night it seems. Do I mind working on computers on a saturday evening? Not at all, I like it. You know, geeks and nerds don't have a life - and wouldn't know what to do with if they had ;)

1 Comment

can i tempt you my way ? bruce needs to be reinstalled completely, and the twat STILL hasn't done it.

and, err ... what's OS ? orange squash ?

i'll go and sit in the corner now.

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