Q811493 + Antivirus : Extreme slowdowns on XP


I'm not sure I've actually posted something about it before, but I've been experiencing a lot of problems with my computer over the past week. It has slowed down considerably, often has programs not responding and things like that. I was already thinking that one of the 40 gig disks in the raid array was gonna go belly up soon, but today I learned that it actually has something to do with Q811493.

Q811493 is a windows XP (both 32-bit and 64-bit version) hotfix, released on april 16th 2003, updated on april 17th. Technet Bulletin MS03-013 has details about the hotfix.

Since another site mentioned it being a combination of the hotfix and virusscanners (such as EZ Anti-virus Realtime , MacAfee version 7 and Sophos AV) I contacted Sophos support to verify the information presented.

Within minutes (if not seconds) I received the following mail :

Hello ServMe

Yes there is an issue between Sophos and Microsoft's hotfix Q811493 and
development is aware of it. At the moment the only workaround is to either
uninstall the hotfix, or uninstall the software- quite a dilemna. We will
keep you informed as to what the next steps are going to be.


Sophos Support (actual name removed)

Is that good and fast support or what? At least now I can confirm that there is indeed a problem with *extreme* (no kidding here!!) slowdowns on XP machines after applying Q811493, in combination with certain anti-virus products.

Since I always go for security, I'll just wait till either Microsoft, or Sophos comes up with a patch or workaround for this problem. In the mean time, both the virusscanner and the Q811493 patch remain installed.


*grin* Just one more reason for me not to get XP :-P That and the fact that I'm have a strong moral opposition to the evil operating system. (yes, I'm weird, I have no problems with many things people would find immoral like kinky porn or abortions, but I'm morally opposed to software)

XP actually runs fine... IF you let it behave as windows 2000. The colorful kid-like presentation it uses when first starting irritates the hell out of me!

But then why let it behave like Win 2000 when you can have Win 2000? And that still doesn't remove my moral issues (all that bullshit about telling them your exact set up blah blah, and some other stuff too). Also Boyd uses Win 2000 at work and my Uni does too, so it's what we're used to. And what the tech guys he works with are used too (which can be surprisingly useful). *grin* And I just decided years ago I'll never use XP and I'm stubborn.

I agree Shelley. I *love* windows 2000 and found it to be the most stable OS (of the windows family that is) so far. But, I must admit, XP Pro has proved to be damn stable as well... so far.

Besides, apart from the OS itself, I try to use as few MS products as possible : no outlook express, no outlook, no IE... And I should really install openoffice to see how that performs.

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