Positive thinking!


Good morning dear reader!

I don't know how your day has started, but I've decided to make this day a joyful and pleasant one. I don't have plans for the day yet, but I'm really thinking about cleaning out the kitchen completely, wash the in and outside of all the cupboards and things like that.

Certainly doesn't fall in the "lets have a bunch of fun" category, I admit, but things like that need to be done too, right? And while I'm doing that, the ferrets can play so that seems like a very good reason to me.

This morning I received confirmation about the ECDL test for wednesday April 30th around 13h00 in Antwerp.


pop round here and sort out my fridge for me would you ? things are beginning to move inside it.

Personally I really don't like housework and in fact Boyd does about 80% of ours. But it does make you feel so good being in a clean room afterwards, so your kitchen cleaning actually sounds like a good thing to cheer you up *nods*

shelley, a bunch of flowers cheers me up. i'm leaving the cleaning til the Twat gets back.

serves him right for leaving me alone for so long.:(

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