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Just checked the lottery results for today... not too bad, as I had 2 numbers on almost every line. Too bad you need at least three on a line to even win the smallest prize. Oh well... I think I'd better close this, this, this and this page again for a while. Maybe I'll have better luck next drawing?

I'll be off to a party later tonight, there's a Pop & Rock thingy going on in Zaal Jacob, in Antwerp, and as a backup we've got a 70's and 80's party as well. I just it doesn't turn out to be an 80's and 90's party ;) Johan, Jess and I will be going for sure, Joco & Eef might join us, but I've got a slight feeling I'm gonna get a mail soon that they're not coming.
Hey, they still have a lot of things to do in their new place, but I talked to Joco about 30 minutes ago and he said they were able to do quite some things today. And when they start digging the pool, I'll be there to help out!

Note : CSCO stock is not moving much today. I hope it moves up a bit tomorrow, perferably about 5-7% so I can sell the shares I've got. Oh... and the skynet mailservers have been acting up all day long. Let me give you an example :

1. You log into the server, and it tells you "bad username or password".
2. Which actually means "we've fucked up the server once more and haven't got a clue on how to run a stable production server"
3. And on their status page it becomes "At the moment you might experience some delays in receiving your e-mails"

Oh, the joy of being able to read between the lines of Tech Support announcements.

Update : Just got a call from Eef that she'll be going along to the party. Joco will be staying home and babysit little Alex tonight, as well as tomorrow morning. That means there'll be partying by a designated driver (Jess), an animal that wants to party (Johan, the party animal... a couple of times a year), a very good looking and enjoyable lady (Eef, the mother of my godson Alex and the girlfriend of CrazyDaddy) and myself (the most serious one of the bunch). Party on folks! Where's that beer?


Let's party. Very nice that Eefje wants to join us.

The both of them would have been even better, but hey... we'll take joco next time!

i quote:
very good looking and enjoyable lady(eef)
thx: for bringing this very good looking and enjoyable lady back in a total drunken state ;)

she enjoyed it, and i enjoyed alex's stinky shit pants this morning ;)

Oi! I didn't get her drunk, she did that all by herself ;)

Alex wanted you to have some fun as well, ain't that sweet?

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