I almost forgot! I still had to mention the excellent New Zealand site that Dimi & Marianne have set up after they made a very interesting trip to the beautiful country. Well folks... here it is :

I know that some readers of are from that area, I hope they enjoy finding out how these two experienced your country!


Cool! I'm looking at it now.

They have some bloody good photography over there. My country is so pretty *grin*. I'm assuming the site isn't fully finished yet, but it looks great so far.

Thanks for putting this link! I am even more motivated to complete the site with more comments and pictures.

Shelley thanks for your comments, hope to hear more of you and your amazing beautifull country, we will come back!

Shelley, a word of advice : RUN! ;)

Eeek! *giggles* I'm assuming the places on the map at the start are where you went since my city (Palmerston North) isn't on there. It's big enough to be on most main maps and cruddy enough for you not to want to come here *grin* (I'm not kidding, there is nothing here for a tourist). I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the site though.

Next time we will visit Palmerston North! About the site, Marianne gave me additional text. I will put it online ASAP (somewhere this week/weekend).

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