Past due dates

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I guess it was about time I got round to cleaning out the cupboard that hold spices, soups, pasta and things like that. I just threw out 19 individual portions of soup - at least 5 various tastes - that were past their due date. For about 2 years.

But wait, that's not everything. Two packs of toast, due date was somewhere around june of the year 1999, and various other things that usually don't go bad, but that I decided to get rid of anyway. Tossing out everything has also resulted in a nice 89 Artis points. Now if only I knew someone who collects those. Interested? Contact me.

I've got lots of extra space in that cupboard now... Time to expand the collection of spices a bit!

Note to self : Don't buy more ginger and tabasco. I've got two of each, neither opened.

So, what's the oldest type of food you've found in your kitchen, that was still identifiable and had a readable due date?

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it's probably walked out of either the cupboard or fridge by now. so i really don't know.

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