Orange Squash, Soundcards and an MP3 CD


Damn... I've put some many acronyms in those two last posts (with an explenation) - yet someone manages to find one I didn't explain. This one is for you Zed : OS does not mean Orange Squash, Oriental Sex or Obvious Simplicity. It's shorthand for Operating System, in other words : Unix, Linux, BeOs, Windows, ...

And to answer your question right away : I'm not coming over to reinstall Bruce. You're like at the other end of the country, and although I like ride my bike, that would be overdoing it a bit. Kick the Twat around till you get him to reinstall Bruce. After all, that's his job, not?

I put the PCI soundcard in the computer, it was instantly found, but not recognized. Damn, and where the hell am I gonna find the correct drivers for this thing? I looked through the tons of CD's spread around the desk and was able to locate a SB driver CD, but it didn't have the correct drivers for this OS.

Oh well, off to the site then, locate the drivers, download and... too big to fit on a disk. I'm not going to write a CD for a driver that's only 5 meg, so I'll just download it when the computer is hooked up to the cable at my sisters place.

While browsing through stuff, I did find something I knew I had, but wasn't able to locate over the past 2 years : a Front 242 MP3 CD that I compiled ages ago. A friend of mine asked if I still had it, so this means the answer is yes? As you might have spotted, I've been playing Front 242 for the past 2 and a half hour now, and there's at least another 8 hours of music left. 151 MP3's crammed onto one CD... Lovely day!


jesus christ ! wezembeek isn't THAT far away.

sorry, but i've just knocked you off my christmas card list.

I love Front 242 :-D

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