Operation Happy - Update

I just got a call from Elly - the vet - and she told me it was a pretty serious operation. Insulinoma (one large, one smaller), problems with his right kidney (has been removed), it was pretty bad and stressful too.

The problem is that none of the above mentioned conditions can be cured 100% by operating, so what happened just now is that he has been bought some more time. The insulinoma will return sooner or later and it's very possible that his left kidney gets problems due to missing his right one.

Am I pleased with the outcome? Yes and no to be honest. It was pretty much what I expected, but I'm not sure that we did make the right decision. Of course I'll be glad to go and pick him up (possibly tomorrow) and see him walk around without pain and happy... after all, I love that fuzzie, but where is the line?

How far should one go - mentally, physically as well as financially - to "save" those you love?

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