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I just creamed my pants. Why, you might wonder?

I - for once - was not watching some educational title like "Private Indecency", "Barely Legal 16" or "Wild Flower", but I was watching the final trailer (in 640x480 format no less) for The Matrix : Reloaded.

Will it be a box office hit? Yes, no doubt about that, but I'm not sure it'll generate the same hype and raised eyebrows the first one did. After all, no one had any idea what the Matrix was, but now we do. Or at least, we think we figured it all out.

More action, more special effects and more bad guys. That's what I expect to get from The Matrix : Reloaded. But... I could be wrong. Maybe there is more than the eye can see. Of course, Neo gets Trinity, the sexy woman in the catsuit. There's more to movies than just fat paychecks, right, Johnny Mnemonic?

Off to do laundry now.

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