Only fools and horsemanure

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I just mailed out my notification of reception for the registered letter concerning the voting station duty on the 18th of May, and went to get my unemployment stamp. When I came home, the mailman had already dropped new things in my mailbox. A letter from the Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine, stating that they would not be granting me a face-to-face meeting concerning a job I applied for.

It slightly pisses me off, since that job was something I really thought would be interesting. Oh well... too bad. There's other fish in the sea. Wait, isn't that usually said when breaking up with someone? Even so, I don't really know why they say "fish". If the saying would be "There's other wet beavers in the pond" I would understand, but "fish", come on... that's rather degrading, not?

Just ran the address for the appointement of tomorrow through Mappy and it turns out that it's only about 6 kilometers (4 miles) so that should be very manageable by bike. Gotta be there at 13h00, so I'll leave a few minutes to 12 to make sure I'll be there on time.

Note : Ladies, I'm just joking and goofing around here! Women are not smelly (unless they overdosed themselves on perfume) and are more as "wet beavers". They also have tits and ass ;)

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Six k's, piffles. I did that into town this morning. Should only take you half an hour (well assuming traffic won't slow you down).

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