Old, but still good

A man was walking along the shore, deep in meditation and prayer. Suddenly, he speaks out loud : "God, let me make a wish". The clouds parted over his head, and God's loud voice said : "Because you've been faithful to me all this time, I will grant you one wish."

The man thought for a second and said : "I'd like you to build me a bridge all the way to Hawaii, so that I can drive over there each and every time my heart desires."
God replied : 'That is a very materialistic wish my son. Think how long this bridge would have to be, how challenging it would be. I'd have to dig the support deep into the bottom of the sea, and do you have any idea how much concrete and steel that would require? I'd like you to reflect for a few seconds, and wish something less materialistic."

The man thought long and hard this time, and finally said : "I'd like to understand women, to know what they feel, what they think when don't want to speak and what it means when they say "nothing". I want to know how to really make them happy."

And God answered : "Would you line two or four lanes on that bridge?"

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