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I just got up, and my back still is hurting like hell. Actually, yesterday everything that could go wrong went wrong as far as I can tell. It all started with the VDAB thing, then my back started to hurt, and while I was cooking (rice, chicken and such) I managed to pour some of the boiling hot water over three of my right hand fingers.

I ran them under cold water for a while and they seem fine today. A little sensitive, but no real damage. Then I heated up a little something that I have to take care of the pain in my back - and everything was right at first. However, the second time I heated it up I did so for too long and I almost burned down the house. I opened the microwave and smelled something funny. I couldn't spot anything strange though so I grabbed it and it was warm. However, when I turned it over I noticed burn marks and a terrible stench.

I threw it in the sink and let water run over it. The first drops evaporated instantly due to the amount of heat that had build up inside. Final result : I can throw it away and had to go to bed without something to take care of my back.

Then I wrote a pretty long post about Idool 2003, including links and whatever you can imagine... and then I suddenly closed my browser. Bye bye entry. I didn't even try to rewrite it. I might do so today.

Ash: Yeah! Backrubs! When is my appointement?
Shelley : Yikes! You mean I'm not the only one where they pull stupid things like that? Luckily I didn't suffer from a flat tire, but believe me, I can feel your anger! People really should realize there are other things to be done instead of wasting time. Why does the cat has to get it's tail clipped I wonder?

To add to the general "good-start-of-the-day" feeling for today, I received a package in the mail containing a book I ordered a while back. I doesn't look brand new to me, but it's sort of acceptable. With some proper caretaking it should be OK. Also got two bills in for the labtests on Happy's blood in March. Total amount due is just over € 52. And the only thing I really wanted to get was that C4 from the curator. Man, is that guy thick, or just a pain in the ass?

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He got hit by a car and has a classic 'tail separation injury', ie the vertebrae just behind his pelvis (where his tail attaches on) have been ripped apart, so his tail no longer has any feeling or movement. We know how lucky we are though. Oh and the vet bill was about half what I expected too :-D

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