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I've had it! For the second time in 24 hours I receive mail from a company called mailco, who is - why am I not suprised - into mass mailing.

Apparently a client called DDH ( has contacted mailco ( to do a massmailing concerning the DDH team entering the RedBull soapbox race on april 21st.

Complaints have been filed with :
- [email protected] (provider of my e-mail address, which has been already cancelled)
- [email protected] (for sending out spam)
- [email protected] and [email protected] (for ordering mailco to spam mailboxes)
- [email protected] and [email protected] (both unexistent and bounced)
- [email protected] & [email protected] (so they know about it)
- [email protected] (registrant of
- [email protected] (registrant of
- [email protected] (press contact for Red Bull soapbox race)
- [email protected] (press contact for Red Bull soapbox race)

I certainly HOPE that other spammers harvest all of the e-mail addresses mentioned above! What comes around, goes around.

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