Morning till midday

Got the long awaited C4 in the mail today, so I jumped on the bike and rode over to ABVV to complete my unemployement file. It'll probably take 2-4 weeks now before RVA has checked and approved everything.

Passed at Suzana's place and we decided to meet up in the park later on, but she had to wait for her sister. I went to get a sandwich, and something to drink. When about an hour had passed, I stopped at her place again, and she was still home. Apparently her sister didn't show and she was still waiting for her. Chatted at the door for about 45 minutes while Yamina was making all kinds of weird noises and generally being an overactive 5 year old.

Having a conversation while being spellcast by a kid every 30 seconds proves interesting, especially when it's done with some Harry Potter spell. I suddenly remember why I love kids, as long as they're not mine ;)

I think I'll put a new coating of paint on the garagedoor, after I've prepared the area. This could very well be the best week - weatherwise - to do large outdoor paint jobs, so why hesitate? Just gotta see if I can find a shop nearby that sells paint that I can use.

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