More offense

Because some people thought the jokes posted a few entries back were rude but entertaining, here are some more...

On the night of her wedding, the young bride pulled her mother aside and asked her "Mama, tell me how to make my new husband happy?"
Her mother replies , "Well, when two people love eachother, they make love."
"Oh, I know all about fucking, Mama," the young bride said. "I want to know how to make lasagna."

A trucker stops for lunch and starts eyeballing the real good-looking waitress. She leans over on the counter to take his order, shoving her tits in his face.
"What would you like, sugar?" she asks.
"I'd love a little pussy" he replies.
"So would I!" the waitress exclaims. "Mine's really huge".

The husband comes home from work early and finds his wife on all fours, scrubbing the floors. All she's wearing is panties. He can resist, gets down on all fours, yanks down her panties and fucks her good.
When he's finished, he smacks his wife on the head.
"What did you do that for?" she asks, angry.
"For not looking behind to see who it was!" the husband replies.

What did the flasher say to the woman in Alaska?
It's really cold. Mind if I just describe myself?

To finish, one I really like...

Lesbian bumpersticker : Save a tree. Eat a beaver.

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