Microsoft acknowledges problems with Q811493

It seems like Microsoft has updated the Q811493/MS03-13 bulletin with the following information :

Why has Microsoft reissued this bulletin?

Subsequent to the release of this bulletin and the associated patches, a performance related problem was identified with the Windows XP Service Pack 1 version of the patch. This problem is unrelated to the security vulnerability discussed in this bulletin, however the problem has caused some customers to notice performance degradation on Windows XP SP1 systems after applying the patch.

What is Microsoft doing about the performance problem with the Windows XP SP1 patch?

Microsoft is actively investigating the performance related problems and will re-issue the Windows XP SP1 patch when it has been corrected and fully tested.

I'm running Windows XP SP1. What should I do until Microsoft reissues the patch for Windows XP SP1?

Windows XP Service Pack 1 customers are encouraged to review this security bulletin - and in particular the Severity Rating matrix and assessment above - to assess whether their particular environments demand that the patch should be applied immediately or whether their particular level of risk permits delaying deployment of the patch until it is revised and the performance issue corrected. Customers who can not wait to deploy the patch are encouraged to test it to see whether the performance problems affect them before deploying the patch broadly.

It should be noted that the patch is still effective in addressing the local elevation of privileges security vulnerability discussed in this bulletin.

When will Microsoft reissue the Windows XP SP1 patch?

Microsoft is actively working on the revised fix and will re-issue it as soon as it has been built and fully tested.

In other words... there is not yet a solution short of uninstalling the patch.

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