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OK, I've just been browsing around a bit for a new registrar for my .be (ccTLD) domains. I'm very pleased with the international registrar I've got, but I'm getting fed up with the relatively high costs of my .be domain names.

All Belgian internetproviders, webdesigners or hosting providers are free to apply and make me an offer.

This is what I require :

1. Subscriber to the Domain Ethix code
2. Invisible forwarding either by frame or permanent redirect (anywhere I want)
3. 24/7 Control Panel to access/change/view settings, redirects, DNS
4. Unlimited e-mail forwarding, preferably with catch-all (* type)
5. At least 3 years of experience with domain registration or webhosting
6. Solid support which can be reached when needed.

Optional :

1. Spamcontrol (Spamassasin, ...) on the mail addresses
2. POP3 account or webmail
3. Uptime guarantee, Service Level Agreement (usually BS anyway)

What am I willing to transfer to you (so that you know exactly what we are talking about) :

About 15 .be domain names, of which at least 6 shall be transferred within 3 months, the rest will be done within about a year (they have just been renewed).

What am I NOT looking for :

1. Offers to develop / host a domain / do webdesign
2. Registration combined and limited to hosting deals

What may I consider :

1. Sale of some domain names.

All offers or enquiries should be received at this address : with full details by May 19th 2003 at the latest. All offers arriving after the deadline will not be considered.


frankly, i know absolutely nothing about these sorts of things so i'll say something here to make myself look even more of an idiot than ever. have you tried pandora ? as for email and stuff, i guess mine come through pandora but all arrive in mozilla.

that didn't even make sense to me so god knows what it'll mean to you.

sort of. but nothing has failed because the Twat looks after that and he sort of knows his stuff. i know who my ISP is, i no longer use outlook express as mozilla has a system which caters for emails etc and has an excellent spam filtre. and i've just remembered that my domain name (myboyfriend ....) was a birthday present from the Twat. he got it from or something.

now. can you tell me why my (cordless) mouse refuses to work despite the fact that i've changed it's batteries ? i'm back to the old keyboard that barely functions and a crappy mouse :(

Oh no! Not the mouse problem again? It probably is a Logitech brand mouse?

OK... at the bottom of the mouse is a small gray button, and at the top of the receiver is a larger gray button as well. While pressing the small mouse button (you'll probably need a paperclip or a pencil or so to press it) also press the button on the receiver. That should connect the mouse again.

Keyboard has the same button, but usually on the righthand side of it. Same way to reconnect it : press both at the same time. Might take some practice :)

If that fails : throw both out and buy new one. Or first check if the receiver is still plugged into the PS/2 or USB port of the computer ;)

BUY A NEW ONE ??? these were given to me - the keyboard and mouse together cost over �100.

i'll try what you suggest. if it works i'll hunt you down and snog you brainless. if it doesn't, i'll never talk to you again.

i think you're in luck. it didn't work :( although some connection must have been made as bruce told me that i had to change the batteries ... which i just did.

oh well:(

Hmm, well I can tell you a great place to do .nz's... Aren't I useful? :-D

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