Idool 2003 - take 2

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Last week I wrote a rather long and detailed post about the Idool 2003 competition on one of the TV stations in Belgium. It was full of information and rather to the point - maybe even blunt - remarks about the candidates. However, thanks to my own stupidity, that post never made it to a screen near you. I accidently closed the main browser window before saving it.

Good thing is that the competition continues, so I've got another chance to write what I think about it. And - not suprisingly - my view has not changed, not in the least. I'm even more convinced now.

Quick overview of the candidates :

Wim : Good allround singer, but don't feel anything special about how he performs.
Chris : Not too bad, but not the best of the remaining candidates.
Brahim : Tears up and rapes every song he "sings". Does it with style and humor though.
Peter : More rock as pop, but has proven that he can do it all
Natalia : looks like a russian farmers daughter, but she is simply the best

So, todays episode where each of them had to perform with a big band, didn't change anything. Chris was not convincing to me at all, Brahim keeps on doing the same thing he's done since day one, Natalia picked a song I know pretty well (in the bj�rk version though) and gave a wonderful performance, Wim did very well, lots of style, and Peter adapted very well to a style that's not really his.

If I would be the jury, or have a final say who to let go, it would be either Brahim or Chris. And if I had to pick just one : Chris.

Oh... and Idool 2004 will feature Nadia, who has promised us she'd enter the competition next year. I agree she did so after quite a lot of wine and other alcoholic beverages, but still... she can sing and should enter!

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I agree with your commonts on Natalia. Pitty Tom was out of the selection, he is a very good singer! I voted for this guy, it is not fair he is out! :(

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