�IAM� down, new project?

Since "IAM" will be down for 24 to possibly 36 hours, I've got spare time. While I was browsing around on the web, I suddenly remembered the 'old' LG Electronics USB webcam that I still have connected to the PC.

However, where the hell is the thing hiding. Following the USB connector from the hub, lead me right to the camera. One has gotta be smart ;)

I toyed around with it for a few seconds, thinking about the possibilites when I suddenly realized I needed drivers for the thing. I recall having quite some problems getting it running under windows 2000, but after a quick search on one of the old CD's and a verification on the LG website I knew I had XP compatible drivers. Install, and yes... it runs. Quality is rather crap to be honest, but it runs.

Then a quick look and install of webcam 32 and I was all set. Well, almost. After tuning the old website a bit to reflect the change in ISP, I was almost cheering. Then it turned out that Mozilla has a problem initiating the java applet, something I actually knew about. I never found a solution before, but I didn't really look for one either. This time I digged a little deeper and found another java applet called Camzor.class. Download, config, upload and test... works like a charm. Another problem tackled.

Now... the initial idea : dismantle the webcam casing, check out the internals and figure out a way to rebuild it to comply to my needs. And what exactly am I trying to do, you may wonder?

Everybody knows videophones and intercoms and things like it, right? I want something alike, but only using a webconnection, cheapo webcamera and some ingenuity. I've got a peephole in my front door (well, the one that leads to the public hallway), and figure that if I set up the camera behind the hole, trigger it only on change/movement and then upload those captures, I'd always know who was at my door, and when. I'm not claiming to be doing something new here, not at all, but it just seemed fun to see how far I could get in 36 hours.

I already dismantled the camera, checked if video quality would be acceptable to recognize people through the peephole and that is OK. The hard part seems to be the fact that the complete camera mainboard and lens/CCD are in one piece, and covered with metal shielding. I could strip all the shielding, but I think it's actually used somehow to pass signals. You can see for yourself in the photo's below.

Disassembled the webcam - click to enlargeSee the connections? - click to enlarge

I'll have to study it a bit more and if that doesn't seem to work, either find another way around it (maybe by using a mirror to divert the camera angle) or get my hands on a webcam that has more adaptable components (read cable connection from the mainboard to the actual lens/CCD). Does anyone of you, dear readers, still have an old webcamera at hand that could possibly fit my needs? If so, please let me know!

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