I should have suspected it

Yups... the new OS is installed. However, and I should have noticed it, it installed itself "alongside" the current OS, and not "instead" as I selected. Crap... I just wasted about an hour for nothing. Well, maybe not nothing as I now know that all the hardware is correctly detected.

I've hunted down a more up to date Bios as well, so I'll install that one first, then reinstall the OS.

Update : The bios update has been completed, and apparently without any problem. Well, at least no problem I can spot right now. The thing still boots and reports a new bios version and date so...

Update 2 : OS is installed now and seems to work quite fine. Tomorrow I plan to install all required applications. While I was waiting for the machine to save settings, reboot, and do drive checks I did a bios update on my box as well. I'm extremely pleased with the support and website of MSI, the manufacturer of my mainboard. (Check out their site)

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