I should have known...


Man... I'm great! After doing some more work around the house, and playing some games I decided that I couldn't skip the wonderful weather so I took my bike for a spin. It was fabulous outside and I enjoyed my ride.

Rode over to the tattoo shop in Merksem, to go and check out the new place - they recently moved - and possibly have a chat with Mieke. Right... the shop"s there, it's even open, but Mieke wasn't in. Apparently, she doesn't work there on tuesdays. Go figure! I asked John - the owner - and he confirmed that all of them will be at the convention on sunday, so I think I'll have that chat with her then.

Received a mail this morning that one of the ex-colleagues got the long awaited C4 document by snail mail this morning, but I did see the mailman and he didn't have anything for me. I hope it'll be here tomorrow, then I can drop everything off and get the file completed. Would be nice.

Even nicer if I can get a hold of Suzana and ask her if she got the C4 too. Then we can head over to ABVV together, and maybe have a drink or something later on. With great weather like this, and great company like Suzana, it would be a very nice day :)


slimeball ;)

I'm right on it :)

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