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The shit has hit the fan. I've just received a letter from the curator handling the bankruptcy of ICT Assistance that according to his documentation (documentation that was/is up to date thanks to me, as I was the one responsible for all things IT) I still have a Toshiba Satellite Pro SP4600 with serial number 61282230G-SS460-0 in my possession.

Let me tell you this right away : I don't. I was at home the week prior to the actual declaration of bankruptcy and my laptop was left at the office, where it was 99,9% of the time, as I hardly used it as a laptop. Thus, how the hell would I know what has happened to it? Either they have it their possession already, but don't know it, or someone has removed it from the premises before the curator was able to pick everything up. In neither case I would know where the laptop is now.

I'm gonna do two things now : Call the people responsible for the collection of materials, as well as contact the legal departement of my union. I don't like things like this.

Update : I just got off the phone with the company responsable for collecting everything and this is what they told me : We can't verify anymore (his words!) whether or not that laptop has come in. You do however still have a toolcase that has to be brought in. To which I replied : No, I don't have a toolbox, as I was not one of the technicians, but one of the internal employees. Oh... and where did you work? On the third floor, and my laptop was on my desk when I left and went into sick leave. Aha... that could be correct, I'll take a note that we did indeed find your laptop there.

??? Hey, that's fine for me, but I think they're guessing. Anyway I've contacted the unions legal departement to have them make an official statement towards the curator. No one should be accusing me of still owning a laptop when I don't. I don't have any company owned material anymore!

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