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This afternoon I got pretty bored with working the computer all day, so I went down to the garage and did some powerlifting and benchpresses. I might as well work a bit on the shape while at home, right?

I took the phone with me - I've got one of those remote handsets - and suprisingly, I even had a good connection! The thing usually loses the line when I move to my kitchen - and that's only 3 meters away from the base station. Yeah! This means that I can be down in the garage working out while still being reachable.

After I was done working out, I looked up to the sky and decided to take the bike for another spin. I'm really starting to like it so it seems. Didn't go far this time, just a quick tour (about 4 kilometers or so) but at a decent speed. It's really fun, and I hope it'll help me burn some calories :)

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If you don't knopw what to do
jump on your bike and come and play with alex
he's always lookign 4 fun with his godfather

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