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Yesterday, while browsing the web and taking a left turn where I usually go right, I found out that there'll be a tattoo and piercing convention in Antwerp, next week!

Shit! That's good to know, and you can count me in. Especially after I saw that the studio where I get all my work done will be present as well. I might be meeting up with Iori - if he manages to get there in time - so we can discuss some BME-IAM BBQ (June 7th, 2003) things in advance.

Right now I'm reviewing experiences and although I've done quite a few already - did about 7 yesterday - I find it less enjoyable as I did before. It could be because reading the same things over and over makes you feel like you're working a productionline somewhere, or because I've slacked on reviewing for a few weeks and there's tons of work to do now.

I called my contact about the job yesterday - he said he'd get back to me on monday or wednesday, but I didn't hear from him - and got the voice mail once more. Left a message, will see how it turns out.

Links : 5th International Tattoo & Piercing Convention

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