Easter Monday

Well, I hardly doubt that's the official name, but it's monday and has been easter, so I declare this to be easter monday. Yesterday I rode over to the Tattoo & Piercing convention, and it was pretty interesting. Around 16h30 my sister and Johan stopped by as well, and about an hour earlier I met Iori there.

Enjoyed ourselves a lot, I even got to help out with Lucky Diamond Rich's show, it was pretty cool. Definitely a lot of stuff you shouldn't try at home. Unfortunately, most photographs are crap - once more - due to extremely bad lighting conditions. Have got a few nice bodypainting shots though, and one pose of me and Lucky Diamond Rich. Will post them below.

Later during the night I went over to Jess & Johan where I cooked dinner, and took a look at the modem problems with their computer. Couldn't find any cause for a repeated failure though, and the thing is both virus and spyware free.

Today I'm gonna entertain the ferrets a bit, then work out and celebrate Hilda's birthday. It's gonna be fun :)

Mieke of Krijo�s Tattoo working - click to enlargeBodypainting - That is one *HOT* Elf! - click to enlargeLucky Diamond Rich - Great show, and note my BME shirt - click to enlarge

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