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OK, I'm done finetuning the output that's being delivered to the page by blogamp. I've decided to only show the last 3 songs, otherwise it would make the page look too busy. Like there is not yet enough already :)

If you want to play around with it yourself, click on the "powered by blogamp" at the bottom of the list, and download the plugin. It doesn't need much (webspace, winamp, and songs) to set up, and I think everyone can do this.

I did hack into the javascript though, in order to get it to display how I like it. I imagine that I can remove at least another 25% of the code if I wanted to, as I only use certain functions. Might do that later on.


Spank My Booty is such a FANTASTIC song! I dance in my chair whenever I play it. You should download the Porno Remix of Speed Racer. I think Lords Of Acid did it, but I'm not positive on that. It's freaking hilarious!

I did find a version by DK Keoki... but it's under 2 minutes, so I doubt it if that' the full version :(

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