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I usually don't plug websites here - at least not when they're commercial - but I had some fun playing with the Axe Effect Automated Matching System (AMS).

It basically comes down to a voice driving menu system that will in the end tell you what scent of Axe spray to use. However, the questions and possible answers are kinda funny.

I did end up with Orion scent twice, so I presume that's the right scent to pick up japanese women with jetpacks and female libarians with twin sisters. Sounds good to me!

Update : Damn... I've got Axe Gravity in the bathroom. Apparently that shit don't fly :(

Link : The Axe effect (Select AMS)


got voodoo as match
but hey, i work for this company, does that mean i can get all kind of women if i use all our flavours at the same time ?

No, using all of it at once will just guarantee that you smell awful :)

That hangover showergel was something good though, it smelled of apples, not? They should release it in Belgium too!

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