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to successfully claim my own blog at blogshares. I'm still under the impression that it'll fail due to a redirect with a frame, but I could as well try. I dumped 3000 shares of Cyborgirl, 2500 shares of Scattered Shelley, as wel as some smaller amounts. Blogshares will be going live on May 1st and then all current positions will be reset, apart from the cash balance. This means everyone will be dumping shares as the deadline comes closer, and will result in lower stock valuations since everyone is selling.

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since when do you think when handling shares?
iu thought you never did ?

I've pretty much given up on blogshares, as I originally suspected it's too much like real work *grin*. I wonder if it's going live will mean it picks up links better though? Because it's still doing a fairly crappy job of that as far as I can tell.

Yes, it does indeed still do a crappy job :) However, I suggest you check it out... If I recall correctly, I've giving you some of your own stock as a gift!

Joco : this is a game... then I sometimes think. Real life is something else... then you go with your gut feeling ;)

*checks other email* Ooo you did too! Cool! Thanks :-D

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